How Solar Panels Can Add Value to Your Property

Named as the ‘Sunshine State’ blessed with very rich solar resources, Florida is termed as an ideal location for solar systems installation. The evidence of this reflects from 42 percent average annual solar growth over the last decade in Florida.  This growth has been motivated by numerous benefits of going solar ranging from the generation of green energy to preserving the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint of the property to a minimum level. These advantages of going solar are not just environmental but they also extend to adding economic benefits to the sites where the solar power systems are installed. Especially Florida, where the installation cost per watt of solar power is less than 3 dollars per watt approximately, which is less than the average installation cost of solar power systems across the USA. In addition, the owners with solar power systems installed at their properties are eligible for a 26 percent Federal Tax Credit. This credit benefit will help the property owners to make a saving of 26 percent on federal taxes. This credit amount is calculated as per the gross installation cost of the solar system at the property, inclusive of local/utility rebates, and then providing the owners with 26 percent credit according to that calculation.

Keeping these factors in consideration, one of the most common concerns of property owners installing solar power systems is regarding their long-term impacts on their property value in the future. The installation of solar panels is one of the most effective measures to increase property value compared to other value improvement methods. The key reason behind this is the permanent need for electricity which these panels provide without any external supply making the properties sustainable. The prospect that solar power systems will decrease the electricity bills of property is another factor that is viewed very positively by property buyers while they are buying properties. It is estimated in research conducted by Zillow that properties with solar panels have a 4 percent higher selling rate on average in the USA compared to those that are not equipped with them. The number of solar panels fitted on the roof for electricity generation is in direct relation with the value addition in the property. The increase is estimated by the research conducted by real estate information company Zillow. Apart from the resale value incentive, the choice of solar panels for energy generation is always a smart decision to offset the electricity consumption in domestic or office sites as well as it brings a hefty reduction in monthly utility bills. 

At Meraki Tallahassee, we are committed with our years of extensive experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, to deliver our clients the best services in the field of solar panels installed so that not only you get a ‘Zero Down Solar Experience’ but also get a guaranteed payback in the terms of both the lowered bills and also comply with the federal tax credit. So, feel free to contact and get the best quote for your site to experience a professional solar panel installation service in Tallahassee or any other site in Florida.

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