Who are Meraki Tallahassee?

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Meraki Tallahassee is a local Energy Solutions company helping one home at a time Make The Switch to Solar. District Manager’s Mark Chambers and Daniel Gresham come from our offices in Destin Florida and our national headquarters in Pensacola Florida.

The Sunshine State is finally on board with the net-metering program allowing more homeowners to make the switch to the sun and lower their monthly energy cost.

Here at Meraki Tallahassee, we train our Energy Consultants to take a full analysis of each home to see how we can save as much energy as possible. Our goal is to save the homeowner as many wasteful costs as possible while transforming to a clean, sufficient, and sustainable source of green energy.

We have more than 20 Install crews across the Florida Panhandle that help each project from start to finish. Meraki is also here for maintenance, monitoring, and warranties on our products for 25 years with no additional cost.

Most homeowners take advantage of the Zero Down Program that we offer. This allows homeowners to make a seamless transition to solar. Instead of paying a power bill, you can now have a lower monthly energy cost when you go solar with Meraki Tallahassee Zero Down Solar Program!

Team Tallahassee continues to grow with more professionals and more homeowners join the Meraki Family each day. Come be a part of the Change!

Make The Switch To Solar And Save

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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