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Will solar save me money?

The sun is always a more cost effective and sustainable solution if your home qualifies. If you have a sturdy roof with good sun exposure then you can possibly offset all of your energy with the sun or at least control a portion of it. 

How much does it cost to install the equipment?

Meraki has the solution to this problem by offering a Zero Down program that includes no upfront installation cost. Start saving from the sun from the very beginning.

How many panels would my home need?

Every home is different and can consume different amounts of energy compared to your neighbor. Our energy consultants do a full analysis of your home to make sure we can save you as much money as possible for the energy that your home needs. 

What is the net-metering program?

The net metering program is a more sustainable solution to solar and is different for every power company. Our engineers stay up to date on the process to help homeowners be as self sufficient as possible. The home generates it’s own energy and what ever excess energy it produces, it is then stored on the grid to be used at a later time. No need for batteries with this integrative system.

How does the Federal Tax Credit work?

Meraki Solutions does not offer tax advise but there are Federal Tax Incentives homeowners can take advantage of to help reduce their cost of electricity. The amount of the credit you will receive is based off of the size of your system.

What if I need to get a new roof?

In order to have the equipment on your roof, it does need to be sturdy. Our surveyors will access your roof and if it’s time to reroof, we have a program for that. With this program you can possibly take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit with your roof.

How long till I get a return on my investment?

Meraki Solar’s Zero Down Program is the solution to start saving from the beginning. Taking action to revolutionize your home to renewable energy will help you and future homeowners have a lower, fixed cost of electricity. 

How long is the installation process?

Meraki Solutions is the leading solar company in Florida because our work is done in-house. We have our own installers to get the job done and have you harnessing the sun within 4/5 months depending on permitting.

What happens if we move?

Our program is completely transferable to the next homeowner. They pick up where you left off with a fixed cost of energy.

What happens if it breaks?

Meraki services a 25 year warranty Incase of any manufacturing problems. Give our team a call for anything and we are happy to service. We also monitor the system 24/7 to give our team and homeowner real-time alerts of any problems that could arise.

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