Meraki Solar Panel Installation on a home in Tallahassee Florida Solar Made Simple Our Tallahassee team are expert energy consultants and will help your home make the switch to renewable energy with a fixed-cost of electricity. Make The Switch Meraki Solar Panel Installation on a roof in Tallahassee Florida Leading Solar Industry in Tallahassee Our local experts are here to help Tallahassee Homeowners make the switch to solar, one home at a time. Make The Switch Zero Down Solar Installation on home in Tallahassee Florida by Meraki Solutions Innovative Solar Solutions for Your Home Meraki Solutions makes the switch simple with Zero Down Solar and no upfront installation cost. Make The Switch Make The Switch

Fixed Cost

Start saving with the sun and avoid rising rates with your power company..

Zero Down Solar

Make the switch simple with no upfront installation cost.

Environmental Impact

Help save the planet by producing your own energy with the sun.

Increase Home Value

Instead of paying a power bill, start investing that money to increase the value of your home.

25 YR Warranty

We have your back if it breaks. We are here to maintenance, monitor 24/7 , and service your equipment.

See How Much Solar Can Save You...

Meraki Solutions Simplifies The Switch To Solar With Zero Down

We know solar seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. See how we can save you money with the sun. Let us show you how you can take advantage of Renewable Energy Tax Incentives and our Zero Down Program.


Why Meraki?

We shop for the best product and the best price to save you the most money and energy possible. Our team is there for the installation, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring.

Why Solar?

Add value to your homeHelp the environmentSave money on bills25 Year WarrantyTax Incentives

The Meraki Process

4 Simple Steps to Start Saving1. Consultation2. Design3. Installation4. Activate and Save.

Customers About Our Solar Panels

“I have had my Meraki Solar since November 2020. Mark Chambers is the best! From start to finish and follow up he has made the experience so easy. The Meraki company is amazing as well. Always pleasant, customer focused and ready to get the planet green one house at a time. If you want solar, I’d go with them.”

Kim Heartsong, Fort Walton, Florida

“We had a very positive experience with Meraki Solar. Our representative, Mark Chambers was the best! He made himself available to address any concerns and questions that we had from the moment the project was initiated up to its completion;. He was very thorough and we are very satisfied with the services that we received from him in behalf of Meraki.”

Maribeth Bandelaria, Tallahassee, Florida

“I’m glad Bree stopped by to tell us how easy it is to switch to solar. I have always thought about it but she showed me a way to help save a good chunk of money with out any up front installation costs. Would highly recommend anyone thinking about switching to hear what Meraki Solar has to offer”

Curtis Huber, Leon County, Florida

Make The Switch To Solar And Save

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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